James Harrison: Patriots are like the army

James Harrison has played on three NFL teams with vastly different cultures. The Cincinnati Bengals seem to operate under the law of the jungle. Anything goes there apparently. The Pittsburgh Steelers function in a something of a middle ground, as they enforce discipline without being overbearing about it. And now, Harrison plays for the New England Patriots.

So how does he describe the culture of his new team? He appeared on NFL Network with Deion Sanders to explain the difference between the Patriots and everybody else in the league.
Harrison's response highlights the remarkable discipline with which the Patriots approach every single day. They work hard at all times and prepare for even the tiniest details of a football game.
"It’s not like anything is taken for granted. Every day is fundamentals. It’s repetitive…repetitive. It’s like being in the Army. You do it so much it’s like second nature and you can do it in your sleep.”
The Patriots have been compared to military institutions before, and they certainly drill like one, but Harrison is a unique case in that he also played for one of the NFL's winningest organizations. He has apparently seen the culture of a winning organization at the highest level because he played for the Steelers and won a Super Bowl.
But even after being there for most of his career, he is still awed by the approach to the game that Bill Belichick has instilled in the Patriots. There's a reason they are playing in their eighth Super Bowl under him. He brings something to the table that no other team has ever been able to match.

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