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An intriguing new video claiming to show off the casing of the upcoming iPhone 6 is the hot rumor making rounds on tech sites today. The video, from ConceptsPhone, is the second iPhone 6 leak, following a video posted earlier this month by C Technology.

The most recent alleged leak shows off the future iPhone's front, while the previous video gave an early look at the chassis' back. As with all leaks at this stage, it's sketchy and very difficult to tell whether or not it holds any actual value. The anonymous leaker claims that the video was shot at "the Apple Factory," but unfortunately there are no other objects in the video to gauge the size of the parts, making it impossible to know if this is for one the larger-display iPhone 6 models that The Wall Street Journal reports will become available later this year.

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Considering the nature of the leak, it comes as no surprise, especially considering the uploader's channel name is "ConceptsPhone," that some believe this just a trick to get eyeballs for a new iPhone 6 concept.

UPDATE: MacRumors' Eric Slivka recently tweeted that he believes the alleged iPhone 6 chassis is actually an iPhone 4S part:

"Video of "iPhone 6 chassis" starting to make the rounds. It's an iPhone 4s part,"- Eric Slivka @WildCowboy.

Check it out for yourself below:

A new investors note from Cowen and Company managing director Timothy Arcuri claims that supply chain sources said that the upcoming iPhone 6 is 'locked in' at 4.8 inches and the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

The upcoming next-gen iPhone will feature "hardware and design tweaks" along with some exciting software changes that will integrate iBeacon, Touch ID and Passbook "as part of a push into new services with mobile payments," Arcuri claims. He believes that the iPhone 5S was a "set-up" for the iPhone 6, along with the new iOS version it will launch.

As for the smartphone's 'locked-in' 4.8-inch screen, the question remains whether Apple will step up the phone's pixel per inch resolution or opt for for the same 1136-by-640 proportion featured in its predecessors, giving it a slightly smaller ppi. It certainly seems more likely that Apple would increase the ppi density, rather than take a step back with their new model, Forbes reports.

The iPhone 6's upgraded Wi-Fi capabilities would match it up to the upgraded 2013 Mac desktop. The 5S only supports the 802.11n standard.

Arcuri also claimed that Apple will release a 13-inch iPad in 2014, rumored to be dubbed the "Pro," that will "blur the lines between tablets and PCs."

Apple may be readying two 6 models for 2014, but according to a new report, consumers expect the smartphones to debut together.

reports that Apple will launch the 6 this summer, with the model releasing sometime during the fall. chinese free new year cards designs analyst Sun claims that trial production of the variant could start as soon as next month. Should everything go as planned, mass production would then kick off in May, suggesting an announcement at the conference in June.

also states that the 6 will feature the same pixel screen resolution as its predecessor, 1136×640 , while the higher resolution displays will be reserved for the model.

Could users finally get NFC this May?

A recent Apple patent filing suggests the upcoming 6 could finally include the feature, which has debuted on many Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices in the past year. The smartphone payment integration patent is one of two that Apple filed for, according to Geek.

The new patent focuses on mobile payments, where NFC would be used through Passbook, which already allows users to store cards and tickets digitally.

The inclusion of NFC would appear more likely if the next is indeed dubbed the 6, as it would feature an updated hardware design that could support the NFC chip, Geek reports.

The next-generation Apple flagship has been largely rumored to be first bout with the '' competition, but by offering two models, it would appear the Cupertino-based tech giant is still offering a bit of variety for consumers who may not want a phone with a large display size.

According to DisplaySearch's research, the model will come with resolution, and LCD display technology, while the model will launch with resolution at 401 and the same display technology.

Apple will release the 6, in May and a large tablet, the Max, in October, according to a new report by .

The report cites "sources from the upstream supply chain," which told the website that China Mobile deal has made it apparent that the Cupertino-based company needs to unveil a -sized smartphone to compete with in the Asian market. The release of the 6 would also help make the more "affordable and attractive" to the Chinese market, where it has been a disappointment for its higher-than-expected price, Forbes reports.

adds that the Max will release in the fall "targeting North educational market [and]... manufactured by Quanta Computer." The tablet would arrive as a competitor to 's rumored 12 to tablet and feature new cases with integrated keyboards and batteries, according to the report. The Max will be best-suited for high school and college students that require a tablet that can 'do work,' Forbes reports.

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