Nikon D5100 DSLR for beginners

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By Peter Chubb Posted 24 Nov 2013, 10:50

So you have just taken possession of Nikon D5100 DSLR for beginners and even though it has basic features when compared to other DSLR models, they are still far more complex than a compact camera, and so will take a lot more studying to get to grips with.

The best way to learn these features is by watching a couple of Nikon D5100 tutorial for beginners videos, which we just so happen to have embedded for you below.

In the first video you get to learn all about the settings for the D5100 on the info menu screen, such as how to change them and what they all mean. Using the info screen is the easiest and fastest way to change how your camera works.

The tutorial has been split into two videos, and so we have the second video for you as well. Neither video goes into detail about exposures and other more technical settings, but they will get you started.

You might wonder why people would wish to purchase a camera that is now a couple of years old, but like we explained with the Canon EOS Rebel T3, these features are still better than many compact cameras, and ideal if you are new two DSLR.

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