New Rugged iPad Case is Designed for the Bretford and All Charging Carts

<5s iphone ipad cases for kids with autismi>Designed with schools needs in mind, the new iPad Slim Tough Case G3 offers many improvements over its popular predecessor, the STC G2. With stainless steel pivots and slides in the kickstand, a scratch resistant screen protector lens, and a thin profile designed to fit the Bretford and other charging carts, no wonder the G3 received "thumbs up" from columnist Rick Limpert.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 03, 2013

The iPad Slim Tough Case G2 has been wildly popular with K-12 school deployments, and was chosen by numerous college and professional sports teams to provide rugged protection for their iPads. The new G3 case raises the bar even higher, featuring improvements in the kickstand, screen protector, port covers, material strength, and the same slim profile that fits perfectly in the Bretford PowerSync charging cart.

In an article titled "iGear's iPad Slim Tough case passes all the tests", columnist Rick Limpert praises iGear's Slim Tough Case G2 for its customization feature, flexibility, and ruggedness, saying "I like it because it is so sturdy. I feel like I can take my iPad anywhere and it will be safe."

The third generation Slim Tough Case G3 offers multi-layer protection using a combination of (1) an outer soft rubber shell, (2) a rigid inner polycarbonate hard case, (3) a built-in clear screen protector, and (4) a slim profile that's designed to fit the Bretford charging carts. This case is supremely shock absorbent and provides drop protection of up to 20 feet. A built-in kickstand has been reinforced with stainless steel pivots and slides, making it virtually unbreakable. It props up the iPad in both vertical and horizontal orientations, making it easy for students to share knowledge. In addition, the kickstand works as a handle for holding the iPad with one hand. The G3 is designed to fit in virtually all popular charging carts, including Bretford, Anthro, Datamation, and more.

A rugged case is a must for schools. According to an article published on Billings Gazette - "About 5 percent of the iPads purchased for school students and staffers in Powell Wyoming have had to be repaired or replaced since they were introduced last year. Eighty-one iPads worth $40,192 were damaged. Of those, seven belonged to teachers and administrators and 74 were assigned to students. The most common problem was broken screens."

There have been other reports that iPads deployed in schools suffer damage rates of up to 10%-15%, with accidental dropping the most common. Schools that purchased rugged iPad cases face another problem - the cases are so thick that they don't fit in charging carts, such as the Bretford PowerSync line. iGearUnlimited designed a new product to address both problems - The iPad Slim Tough Case G3 features a multi-layer construction that's intensely shock absorbent, a polycarbonate hard shell inner jacket that offers impact protection, and a slim profile to fit in the most popular charging carts.

In a survey conducted by iGearUnlimited of K-12 schools across the country, the company asked participants to name the most needed features of an iPad case for schools. The requests were not surprising:
1. A rugged case that can protect the iPad from daily use and abuse
2. Not too bulky - need to fit in the popular Bretford charging cart and kids' backpacks
3. Built-in screen protector - easy to use, always on, no hassle protection of the iPad screen
3. Built-in kickstand that works in both vertical and horizontal orientations
4. Trackable - school's asset ID needs to show as trackable barcodes on each case
5. Customizable - schools love to feature their logo on each iPad case
6. Low cost - get the maximum amount of protection and features for the least amount of money

An overwhelming majority voted iGear's Slim Tough Case as their iPad case of choice due to the fact that it is the only iPad case on the market designed specifically to satisfy the needs of schools.

Source: Virtual-strategy

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